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Independent SEO site check, by the detailed checklist.

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Types of audits

We conduct SEO audit of your business, find new points of growth.

Site Audit

Checking site optimization.

Competitor audit

With an audit of competitors, you can build your promotion strategy.

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    What is a site audit?

    Complex SEO site check – is the analysis of the site for compliance with the requirements of search engines for the further search engine promotion.
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    How does SEO affect the profitability of the business?

    Services SEO greatly increases the visibility of your brand on the Internet.

    SEO performance

    Reducing bounce rates and increasing CTR.

    Site protection

    Blocking from unwanted class parsers.

    Speed Optimization

    Accelerating web resources

    Increase site visibility

    The growth of positions in the organic extradition.

    We offer services for

    For more than 3 years SEOTOPS has been realizing its clients' goals.

    Website promotion

    His achievements in site promotion.


    Crowd Marketing




    SEO optimization of the site greatly affects the organic output.

    Selecting the semantic core

    The development of the site’s structure

    SEO text

    The elimination of errors

    Improving conversions


    SEO analysis of the site is the first step for the development of your business.

    Site Audit

    Audit of competitors

    Company History

    Our company has continued to improve since 2015!

    Our mission is to use SEO to increase our client's profits.

    We reach our goals by deep working through the niche of a particular business

    Sergio Cherevko

    Senior SEO

    • Work on site conversion
    • A good audit will provide an audit of the performance elements of your website and an action plan for improvements. service This may include elements such as speed scores, user experience, quick loading forms, products displayed quickly.
    • Improvements for mobile devices
    • Because search engines like Google now use Mobile-First , it means that they crawl your mobile site using Google’s own system (artificial intelligence), as well as the site structures for mobile devices and estimates site speed.
    • Why us?
    • So when it comes to a real in-depth SEO audit, you need to go beyond simple free SEO toolsand use a deeper analysis of your website and your brand we have over 3 years of SEO experience!

    A World of Opportunity

    Why do I need a SEO audit?

    There's no better place to start than a site audit SEO audit can help you:

    Increasing conversions

    A good SEO audit goes beyond just using tools on your site, it tracks user behavior and works to increase conversion funnels to increase sales.

    E-A-T factors

    Google uses manual bots to update its algorithms, which means they manually review results and check the expertise, authority and reliability (EAT) of site owners, staff and company brand presence.

    Check the website for SEO edits

    For more than 3 years SEOTOPS has been helping businesses achieve success.

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      For more than 3 years SEOTOPS has been providing SEO services to its clients.