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For more than 3 years SEOTOPS provides full-service SEO to its clients.


A comprehensive audit of the site and competitors with ready-made specifications for self-implementation.


Conducting internal SEO optimization of the site.


Promotion of your business on the Internet.

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    Take your site to the next level now!

    Organic SEO traffic positively affects the growth of company profits.

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    Individual approach to SEO optimization and promotion of each client.


    Get a report every month.

    Increase in traffic from 30% per year

    Guaranteed growth of positions, visibility and CTR.


    We are always in touch.

    We provide the best SEO services for you.

    My experience in SEO traffic and optimization.

    Content Marketing

    Filling the site with unique content.

    App Development

    We eliminate technical errors on the site and make SEO changes.

    PPC Advertising

    Setting up contextual advertising.

    SEO Optimization

    We optimize sites for search engines.

    Social Marketing

    Setting up advertising offices, working through the content plan and creating creatives.

    Web Development

    Website development.

    To get into the top 10 organic output.

    Site Audit SEO optimization and promotion is the key to success.

    What is search engine optimization?

    Search engine Optimization – or SEO – is the process of increasing the visibility of your site and increasing the likelihood of it appearing in search engines.

    Conversion optimization

    Turn ordinary visitors to your site into paying customers. Get more leads and sales when your site is optimized for conversions.
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    Advanced keys

    Working with a reliable SEO company

    We perform SEO services always on time.

    Reporting every month

    Our SEO-company provides services for the management reputation of the corporate level.

    Failure Optimization

    You can give the answers that your potential customers are trying to find, so you can monetize them.

    Members of our team of experts

    For more than 3 years SEOTOPS has been serving its customers.

    Ready to begin

    Leave your mailbox and we will get back to you shortly.

      Our affordable pricing plans

      For more than 3 years SEOTOPS has been working in the field of SEO.

      Basic Pack

      Package for small sites

      • Site Audit
      • Competitor audit
      • Internal optimization
      • External optimization
      • Reporting
      from 1 000$for 1 siteper month


      Popylar Pack

      For medium-sized sites

      • Site Audit
      • Competitor audit
      • Internal optimization
      • External optimization
      • Reporting
      from 1 500$for 1 siteper month

      Premium Pack

      For large projects

      • Site Audit
      • Audit of competitors
      • Internal optimization
      • External optimization
      • Information
      from 2 000$for 1 siteper month


      Can I myself without experience to promote the site to the top?

      More likely no than yes. Without real experience, based on free videos in YouTube or even after the course, it is very difficult to do. There is a high probability of falling under the filter, as the methods that worked 2-3 years ago are no longer relevant.

      What is the cost of SEO services?

      The cost of SEO services primarily depends on the amount of work on the project. every year the price of SEO services increases, as strong players in almost any niche have invested large budgets in the promotion of their projects. Our task is not only to catch up with them, but to overtake, but how and why we will do it is our job.

      Why SEOTOPS?

      Unlike other companies, we do not have the task to get a large number of projects, we work qualitatively, so that the result remains for a long time.

      What does a reference matrix consist of?

      When developing SEO promotion of a website, we rely primarily on the link mass that you had before we took your project. Links are not the basis of SEO promotion. We work through the content and E-A-T factors of the site.

      What companies do you take on?

      We work only with open companies that have documents, certificates and all necessary permits for the services provided.

      My site was previously promoted by another SEO studio.

      Before taking the project in the work we conduct a detailed audit of the site on a detailed checklist. If something is missing the site is pre-optimized based on the growth points of the project.

      Testimonials from our customers

      Customer comments are important to create a positive impression with others.